Sue has always wanted to get up "normal", like "everyone else" but woke up with pain and cancelled golf games and tennis outings. Until she met the new program that combines a daily dose of simple mobility strategies that got her getting up "like everyone else"

How I got here

I have been training clients for over 15 years. I soon developed a niche market of active, women professionals over 50 who have pain from activity.

My clients would always appear at our sessions having injured something during tennis, golf or just regular life, like walking the dog.

I was able to use my knowledge of yoga therapy, nutrition and weight training to come up with a unique comprehensive plan that got them out of pain and on to live their day in one session.

Here is a course built around that plan. Of course, each person is unique and so the solution to their pain is unique. But I am sure that if you try the steps in this course, you will be closer to your solution.

How are you?

Let's get in touch with who we are and the world we serve, family, work and community.

Who's in Your Circle?

Surround yourself with people that can uplift you.

Track Your Journey

Keep track of where you are and whether you are going towards your goal.

You Got This!

I'm Dr. Hema and I've helped women over 50 with pain issues for over 20 years!

Following the strategies in this course, you will progress along the solution trajectory to become pain-free!

You have the ability to make or break your journey. Let's make it a game changer. Are you in?

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Hema Murty, PhD

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